We have an End: The glory of the Heart of Jesus.A Mission: To Discover and make known the Love of His Heart.A spirituality: to be United and conformed to the Heart of Jesus. A Service in the Church and in the world of today: Transformative Education with a Preferential Love for the poor.
Sr.Rosa Makil RSCJ

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It was a happy mistake that made me start thinking about offering myself to serve the Lord in His Vineyard. Due to my semi Jacobite background, I was a late 1st communicant. I received the Lord twice at my first communion. This was because no one noticed me remaining in the same place where the 2nd group moved in quickly and knelt down with me. The priest came distributing communion to the 2nd group and gave me communion once again. I thought it was a great privilege and was delighted to have the Lord a 2nd time but when I came out and told the others about it, I was made to feel as if I committed a serious crime!

From day one I felt a strong desire to receive the Lord daily. I thought of my mother who could not do this because she had to prepare food early morning and see us off to school daily.

Family had many nuns, priests and even a Bishop many years ago. My father and my elder brother too wanted to offer their lives to the Lord’s service but God had other plans for them.

For many years I did not think of anything except dressing up well and using all the makeup things available those days e.g. Kajal, powder, creams. I was very fond of jewellery too. Most of my gift money from uncles and aunts went on these items.

Years later, one fine day I heard that a friend of mine went to join the convent. I inquired how she did this and then started doing the same things. In addition, I also started a novena to our Lady of Perpetual Succour who I was told, worked many miracles in people’s lives. Sure enough she worked one miracle for me too. I got a reply to my letter which I sent to the same convent where my friend went. This happened on the 8th day of Novena. The letter said, “You are welcome”.

I then broke the news to my family. My mother and siblings were very upset but my father might have been delighted to have his dream fulfilled in me. He was a holy man who lived on the book, Imitation of Christ. After mass he used to kneel with his arms outstretched to pray. I used to feel embarrassed when my friends, saw him doing this!!

My father, knowing how fussy I was about many things, wanted to test my vocation and he told me about the many unpleasant things I would be asked to do in the convent but I convinced him saying that I would do anything I would be asked.

Then came the list of things I had to carry with me when joining the convent. My father bought everything according to the list. When I checked things with the list I found one thing was missing. I told my father that he forgot to buy the rose sari. He knowing perfect English and spellings looked at the list again and said, “it is not rose sari, it is rosary”. Ha, Ha, Ha.

Many a time I was asked if I had any regret. My answer always was “No, because it was my own choice”. Once to my surprise one of my superiors too asked me if I would join my two sisters in Germany if they wished to take me. I told her that they had been asking me for years saying how wonderful it would be for us three sisters to live in the same place. I disappointed them saying that I had decided to follow Jesus no matter what and I would not turn back and break my promise to Him who is my faithful and constant companion my unconditional lover, the one whom I can rely on forever.

Birth Date 1.4.1942 , Kerala
Baptism : 11.4.1942 Kerala

Joined the Society of the Sacred Heart in 1962.
First Vows 1965, Bangalore
Taught needlework in Sophie High school and did sacristy work.
Did P.M.Cfrom Mt. Carmel College
Taught at St. Patric School Bangalore
Had Ashram experience in Pune.
Went to Rome for probation and International experience in U.K.
Did orientation to theology in U.K.
Final Vows in 1973
D.Ed in 1974 and taught in St. Stephen’s School Mumbai.
Completed BA. In 1977, did a short councelling course in Vellore.
Taught in Antonio D’Silva High School Byculla from 1980-1983
Taught in St. Xavier’s Bokaro from Std VI – Std XII (1983-1989)
Completed MA in 1984
Sebatical from 1990-1991 in Bihar and Sadhana, Lonavala
1992-1999 – taught in Sadhana School and was hostel warden in Sophia Polytechnic
2000-2003 – Taught in Rosary School, Malvan
2003-2015 and continuing as the coordinator of students activities in Sophia College and also works as hostel warden

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