We have an End: The glory of the Heart of Jesus.A Mission: To Discover and make known the Love of His Heart.A spirituality: to be United and conformed to the Heart of Jesus. A Service in the Church and in the world of today: Transformative Education with a Preferential Love for the poor.
Sr. Vera Pereira RSCJ

3. April, 2013VocationsNo comments


When I felt that the Lord was calling me to religious life, though I did not know to which Congregation, I decided to ask Sister Ward to help me decide. I chose her because I trusted that she would not influence me to join the Society if I did not want to. (How independent young people can be!)
I came to see her a few weeks later and dropped into the chapel for a visit. There was Sister Lowenstein, the acristan, kneeling bent over, carefully dusting the legs of the altar. She stood up after a while and I noticed that her face was serene and happy.
I said to myself, “If doing such a simple job can make a person happy, there must be something in this life.” I joined the Society of the Sacred Heart. I learnt later that hours of prayer and contemplation of Jesus enable us to build up0 a close relationship through Him with the Father. It is because of this relationship that I stay in the Society.

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