We have an End: The glory of the Heart of Jesus.A Mission: To Discover and make known the Love of His Heart.A spirituality: to be United and conformed to the Heart of Jesus. A Service in the Church and in the world of today: Transformative Education with a Preferential Love for the poor.
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  • Sophia Nursery, Mumbai
  • Ashadeep Nursery, Malwan
  • Bal Niketan – Torpa

History of Sophia Nursery School

Sr.Mary Braganza’s dream to start a Polytechnic for Women on Sophia Campus became a reality in 1970. Amongst the many departments there was a small Nursery Teacher’s Training unit with 6 or 7 students. The need then arose to start a small nursery where the Trainees could put theory into practice. However this was not possible as they were not fluent in English . They were then sent out to more suitable schools in the Suburbs.

Sr.Celine D’Silva the first Principal of Sophia Nursery recollects that she began in 1970 with just 3 or 4 students with one teacher trainee to help her in the school.

Trained at St.Mary’s a Prestigious Institution in Pune and with her natural gifts for the education of little children, Sr.Celine made a rich contribution at this initial stage of the Nursery. When she handed over the responsibility to Sr.Loretta D’Silva in 1975 the number had grown to 60.

Sr.Loretta D’Silva also did her training at St.Mary’s Pune. She took the school to new heights. Changing the name to Sophia Nursery Play Way School, she followed the Play way method and conducted all workshops and talks for parents herself. She had 3 staff members and 2 Trainees.

Between June 1978 and April 1987 the school was run by two lay Principals, Miss Rukshana Basrai and Miss Kavita Shivdasani. They were supported and guided by Sr.Celia Braganza the Directress of the Polytechnic.

In June 1987 Sr.Charlotte Bastion who had been working in Sadhana School for many years took on the responsibility as Principal. She had completed her Early Childhood Education and Development at the St.Margaret’s Instituation Convent of Jesus and Mary Mumbai.. She also holds a Diploma in Special Education under the Notre Dame Bangalore. The number of children increased to 100 and resently is 150 including the Balwadi children. The school retained its original name Sophia Nursery and in keeping with the changing times followed a Holistic Approach to education. Sr.Celia Braganza was a tremendous support and long after she left the Polytechnic as Directress continued to encourage and appreciate the process of growth in the Nursery .

The Balwadi was started in 1990. The age criteria for children was 2.6 years. The individual background of each child and the financial status of parents was carefully scrutinized. Home visits were mandatory after which the deserving child was selected . Miss Shashi Sawant a trained Balwadi teacher worked tirelessly for many years but we lost her tragically in 2005. Sr.Rosa Salve joined as teacher in the Balwadi in 1995. Her love for children and for the poor is a gift to the school. Today Mrs.Leena Lad a dynamic Class teacher, together with Sr.Rosa and Ms.Sapna Dakale form a team much loved and appreciated both by children and parents who feel they teach from the heart and not from books! The Balwadi is no longer an extension of the Nursery as an outreach programme but well intergrated with the rest of the school.

At the end of the year the children leave the school as confident students to join the mainstream. They seek admission in all High schools and do us proud when they return with their reports often ‘A’ grade.

The Nursery School which has grown from a fledgling to a fully functional Institute today owes its success to the Team work and healthy relationship between Management and Staff. The working environment is further enhanced by the youthful spirit, and creative and innovative teaching by each staff member with in the framework of Sacred Heart education . Its Values, Philosophy and Principles are ageless since 1800 , at the same time responding to the present day challenges in education. The positive vibrations emanating from each teacher, and helpers, the child – friendly ambience, supported by facilities such as beautiful spacious , colourful classrooms, a Music and Art room, basket ball court and a quaint fairy tale cottage are the major attractions. In Mumbai where space is a major constraint this helps in admissions. The use of technology like the Tru Tech, for quick and prompt communication with parents and public offices, assets like 3

computers, one lap top, a large TV and music system and CCTV installed at strategic places ensuring security, makes Sophia Nursery a school much sort after .

Keeping our motto “Learning is fun” Sophia Nursery amalgamates all the assets of the child’s development in a manner which enables our little children to make that transition from pre-nursery to the High schools. Our curriculum is constantly evaluated, altered and revised according to the needs and interests of the child .Staff meetings are held on Tuesdays . Twice a term an inventory is done by staff in charge to ensure that nothing is misplaced or missing from the school.

Unique features of Sophia Nursery are -

  1. Two hundred Colourful balls flying over the balcony every morning after the Assembly to the delight of the parents watching and the children waiting eagerly to hold on to their price catch !
  2. Gymnastics large motor movements are efficiently enhanced by Mr. Naik our Gym master.
  3. The Project – a topic is chosen covering Maths, Science ,Reading readiness and creativity 1000 children are invited from the different schools
  4. English Classes for Mothers. 21 mothers were taught English conversation at three different levels by other mothers. They were given Certificates of Appreciation at the end of the year.
  5. Our Outreach programme .  Parents pay the fees for our Balwadi  children  seeking admission into the High schools. Christmas Hampers  give joy to 30 families each year at Christmas time.
  6. The and Graduation Ceremony held at the end of the year when the older children receive certificates and don their caps and gowns and leave school fully equipped for that giant leap into the future!


Education World has been consistently placing Sophia Nursery among the Top Ten Pre-Nursery schools in Mumbai for three years in succession. The academic year 2012 -13 saw Sophia Nursery ranked 5th among the 20 schools in Mumbai. The credit surely goes to our highly competent and committed staff.

Another feather in our cap! Sr.Charlotte was invited to be ‘Patron Principal Member of ECA ‘ (Early Childhood Association)

We end with an extract from a letter of gratitude from Mrs.Sheetal Podder a parent . “To admit our child to Sophia Nursery was an undoubted and uncontested decision. As parents, we are satisfied and glad with the contribution of Sophia nursery in helping to fertilize our child’s imagination, to nurture his need s and finally lead our child to blossom into a better human being”

Sr.Charlotte rscj
Principal Sophia Nursery.

Who we are..?

We are a small, diverse and inclusive group, welcoming in our midst a variety of socio-cultural backgrounds, ages and temperaments. Primarily an educational congregation, our earliest ventures were in the field of education

Sophia College for Women in Mumbai was our first foundation in 1941, and remains the institution with which we are most often associated. The College has continued to grow in the years since then, and while some sisters continue to work there, a number have moved on into other areas of service. Today, the range includes Schools, Colleges& Nursery Schools.